What is there to see?
Is there something?
That can cure me of my stupidity?

Things, they seem so full of holes and blemishes.
To know something would mean you haven’t looked closely enough.

Why am I then
trying so hard to know?

Will it ever,
this knowing,
fill the emptiness inside me?










Who could have thought that
silence could be so silent?
Who could?

For even thoughts,
they are so loud.
How can they ever convey
something as silent as silence?
How can they?

They always fail.
And so do their expressions.

And at best,
they just give a hope,
of something that exists without them.

Alone looking at the mountain – by Li Po

All the birds have flown up and gone;
A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.
We never tire of looking at each other –
Only the mountain and I.


The birds have vanished down the sky.
Now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and I,
until only the mountain remains.

– Li Bai, translated by Sam Hamill


For billions of years I have traveled,
but still I am myself.

Earlier, it was just the hope,
the hope of becoming somebody else,
that kept me going.

But, now it isn’t the same.
Now that I’ve started doubting this hope,
how tiresome my journey has become.


I have come so far.
So far away from you.
Your memories, like books once read long forgotten, are covered with dust.

Sometimes I see them there,
where they always are,
at the farthest corner of myself.

I should have buried them long ago.
Long long ago.
I know, they are of no use now.

But, I’m afraid, if I bury them now,
they might come back again.
The ghosts of the unfulfilled dreams of the past might haunt me again and again.

So, I let them remain,
where they are,
where they should be,
at the farthest corner of myself.

Is our new generation missing out on most important things in life?

Those who are satisfied with technology say that we have entered the digital age. Whereas, those who still think that technology can make our lives better say that, we are entering the digital age. Whatever the case might be, it’s certain that we are changing and we have changed a lot, especially in the past few years. We cannot stop change from happening. Change is the law and everything changes for the better. But, the problem is, in past few years, we have changed so quickly that we seem to have lost touch with some of the important values of our past.

Technology is quickly stealing from our lives things that make it worth living. We have so much, but still we yearn for more. There has never been a generation so filled with a desire to achieve something. Though this desire to achieve is necessary for the growth of an individual or a community, however, it would only be fruitful if it adds to the achievements of our past. If it replaces them, then it might prove disastrous. To better understand the situation let us reckon few of the invaluable things that we are slowly loosing because of rising modernization.

  1. Sense of wonder


    sense of wonder
    Image by Fathromi Ramldon via Pixabay

There was a time when people (especially kids) used to be mesmerized by such simple things. You didn’t have to do much in order to awake their sense of wonder. A simple movie, a greeting card, a letter, all these things used to make everyone so happy. We had few possessions but we used to value them so dearly.

But, what has happened now? We send greetings to tons of people on Facebook every day. We send thousands of messages. We have countless virtual friends and material possessions. Nevertheless, material things don’t make us happy anymore. It seems like because of quantity, we have lost the touch with quality.

  1. Solitude


    Image by Johnnie Shannon via Pixabey

One can say that our generation spends too much of time alone. However, it doesn’t mean that we live in solitude. The word solitude has some sort of a poetical meaning to it. It has often been associated with religion and meditation. But right now, this very piousness of solitude is being stolen by our smartphones. You can never say that a person who is engaged on his smartphone is spending his time in solitude. But, this is what we do when we are alone. We have learnt how to discover things on the internet, but we seem to have forgotten how to discover things within ourselves.

  1. Honesty

    Image by Varun Kulkarni via Pixabey

We see people over the internet who seem so intelligent and so good looking. Pretension has become extremely easy in digital age. The difference between who we actually are and what we pretend to be is becoming greater with each passing day. Honesty means accepting your mistakes and acknowledging your stupidity. But, this is something people rarely do nowadays. There are just people wanting to be great, and there are others who pretend to be great. Nobody likes to be a simple human being. Honesty has become out of fashion.

  1. Love for nature

    nature lover
    Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay

Yet another form of pretension that we indulge in is our love for nature. It isn’t hard to find people over the internet who say that they are nature lovers. At times, you’d come across people that came back from a one day trip to a hill station with thousands of pictures. This makes us wonder whether they really love nature or pretend to do so. It is clear that they were more interested in taking pictures than admiring the beauty of the landscape.

  1. Poetry

    Image by  BRRT via Pixabay

For modern day youth poetry is simply words that rhyme. They don’t understand the beauty of it. Their minds are filled with myriad impressions of Television serials and fast-paced movies. It is impossible for them to comprehend the subtle beauty of poetry. No wonder there aren’t a few people that say that poetry is dead now.

  1. Patience

    Image by Devanath via Pixabay

We don’t go out to buy groceries, we don’t have to go out to pay bills, we can do all these things within a few minutes using our smartphones. This has helped us in saving our valuable time. But, on the other hand, it has made our time a bit too valuable. We can’t wait for anything now. Slow internet is the reason why most of the people are sad nowadays. They don’t know how to be patient. They don’t realize that being patient could be the solution of many of their problems.


No matter how many blames we heap on technology, it has certainly done us a lot of good. It is just the overindulgence in it that is making us sick. So, we must find ways to make sure that we don’t spend the entire day in front of our laptop or smartphones. Life is still beautiful, but unless we see it the way it is, we won’t be able to live it the way we should.