Who could have thought that
silence could be so silent?
Who could?

For even thoughts,
they are so loud.
How can they ever convey
something as silent as silence?
How can they?

They always fail.
And so do their expressions.

And at best,
they just give a hope,
of something that exists without them.



From nothing you came,
and nothing you will be
once again.

All your joys
all your pains
are nothing but pretensions.
They would never remain.

And you too like them
you too are a part of this game.
Weaved out of the same nothingness,
if you look at it
everything is just the same.


We meet again

Is to be with you
my only desire,
for I think of nothing
when I’m with you.

Through me you speak
through you I listen
but it isn’t really the words that count
they never do
it’s the silence that does.

And like everything it comes
like everything it goes
time changes
feelings, they disappear.

Yet, with you
every time we meet again
why is it
though changed
together we are just the same?

A Dream

Not long ago
probably in my teens
I once dreamt a dream.

The dream
like all the other dreams
was just a dream.

I was someone else in it
and someone else was with me.

We were together
or so to say
together like ‘I’ and ‘me’
together for
and together since
all the eternity.

But that dream too
was not you
for it too had to end.

And what it left was
just a longing
for you
who never ends.




The pleasure that you longed for was just a garb,
hiding behind it was endless pain.

The journey that you undertook
was endlessly long,
and all your companions indifferent and vain.

The change that you brought forward
nobody wanted it,
what you thought was your goodness
deserved only blame.

Can you bring back now the time that you have lost?
You gave up your happiness,
but what did you gain?



To leave you was neither my choice nor duty,
maybe, it was just fate.

Maybe the time that we spent apart
brought us together,
to bring it back though
it’s too late.

Maybe the aim of the journey
was just to tire me,
and even if it wasn’t,
that’s what it did.

And maybe a good night’s sleep
was the sole reward of my struggles,
and maybe that’s the only thing that I would get.


Did I find you?
Or was it you who had planned everything,
everything from the beginning?

Alone, still, calm, blue,
silently sleeping in myself.
I was how you wanted me to be.
I was how I always wanted to be.
As then and only then could you creep in
creep in quietly like a dream.

And even though you have been with me
for what I reckon to be
almost an eternity,
I am still the same.
I am still how I was
and maybe that is how I will be.
But, because of you
just because of you
even in this stillness
even in this calm
even here I can still see
I can still see
your infinity.


Finally, after a long wait,
it was there.
The moment was there.
The moment when I was not thinking about you.

We used to be so together,
talking and talking and talking,
and we are still,
in some ways,
still together.

But, in that moment,
that one moment,
when you simply weren’t there,
it was like
you just
you just kind of
kind of disappeared.

Who was there then, if not you?
Did someone else take your place?
Or was it me?
Just me?
Me and me alone?
I don’t know.

I don’t know,
and I don’t think I would ever know.
As for that to happen,
for me to know,
first, I would have to imagine myself without you.

But, however, the question remains.
The question still remains.
Can I?

The Two of Us

Day in day out
staring at your empty face.
Are we married?
Why don’t you leave me?

How reasonable these questions
would have seemed
if we my quiet darling had been
reasonable like those reasonable beings.

Is it love
or is it the time that we have spent together
that makes us resemble each other so much?

I don’t know.
As far as I can remember
you have always been there.
There was never a time
when I couldn’t imagine
how you would look like.

It is just that now,
now that we are together
we aren’t supposed to pretend
that we are different anymore.